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  • Fact 1 |  9 out of 10 resumes end up in the trash
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  • Fact 3 | 80% of employers use social media for recruiting; 95% of them use Linked In
  • Fact 4 | 30 Million professionals are currently job seeking; up 60% from 2010 (1/2011)
  • Fact 5 | Today’s job market is worse than The Great Depression
  • TODAY…my clients have a 90%+ success rate (vs. 38% industry avg) and I just celebrate my 13th year as a career coach.

As a career coach to thousands of professionals, from Executives to Executive Assistants, Plumbers to Pharmaceutical Sales Reps, I will guide you through the life-changing process of landing a new job!

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  1. Professional Resume Kit | Resume Templates, Samples, Cover Letters & More!
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