Hi. Thanks for checking out my site and services.

I used to have a stuffy, formal “About Me” professional bio here filled with name-dropped business experience, media that’s featured me and businesses I’ve worked for and created. Those are still available below. (scroll down).

Here’s the deal –  I love coaching people! When I hear clients say, “I got the job” or “The interview went great” or “I LOVE my resume” it makes me smile inside. The experience of coaching professionals to their ultimate self and increasing self-confidence at a time of difficult transition is what motivates ME!

Honesty “check” time. Coaching drained my energy and bank account. I needed to put energy back into myself and money back into my bank account. It was time to bring back the business-brain-workaholic I had been and marry it with the I-love-coaching-crazy woman I had become.

My business brain said “don’t reinvent the wheel”. I looked to others in the industry and thought “write a book”. Say hello to “Career Sudoku: 9 Ways to Win The Job Search Game”. This 5-Star Rated book was my  first published book. It did great.

It only got me so far.

I was doing better but now I had more people that wanted coaching and I was more drained than ever. Even worse, the I-love-coaching spirit in me wanted to take on every client that called. I was exhausted and worn out. Uh oh! What had I done?

Time to reinvent my coaching “business”.

I felt a stronger side of me kick in and the coaching side of me reaching out to other coaches. Here I was a coach – without my own coach. I engaged with a top notch business coach and MY LIFE AND BUSINESS FLOURISHED! It was beautiful. I was happy.

I was living what I was teaching. I have a weekly call with my coach and it keeps me motivated, focused and on target to reaching my goals. My life is reaching the goals just as I’d Vision Boarded them. Yes, I use a Vision Board just as I coach my clients to do.

One-day client intensives, inbound referrals, writing gigs, home study coaching programs, tele-classes to inspire ACTION. It was all happening.

Today I am where I want to be. I see clearly what I had missed before due to a lack of focus. I was afraid to share before I would be seen as unfocused, untrustworthy or crazy. Results speak louder than words and my connection and application of business, coaching and personal development is stronger now because I have leveraged them together in ALL I learn. The RESULT is greater SUCCESS for myself and my clients.

Believe me, there’s no way to just “say and pray” your way to an ideal career. ACTION must occur. There is an intense level of intentional focus, determination and commitment necessary to reach your goals – any goal, new career, relationship, or money. The 9 Ways to Win the Job Search Game is just the beginning, you can’t deny the unseen forces at play beyond what we can see and understand.

If you’re up to STOP spinning your wheels and reinventing your life, creating your dream life – dream career – dream company – find and fulfill your life purpose with a six-figure income (or beyond) and to enjoy all that life has to offer, sign up for my free career advice! Take the guesswork out of finding your ideal career and tap into divine power already within you!